Born and raised in Memphis TN, I  went to booker T Washington High School. My topic idea on leadership is Leaders lead with Love. Profitability is a direct reflection of Leadership. Life core values are responsibility, ownership, integrity. Motivation is to One of Memphis Most Influential people and make an impact no matter what opportunity I have.



The Secret Passion Within

This book is to motivate the reader to become a SoreLoser. Now you may think you know about this term but wait until you read this book. My goal is to inspire, motivate, and fuel the flame of success. Discover the SoreLoser in you!

The Selfish Leader:

A Guide to Elite Trans-Leadership

SELFISH leadership is not a curse but a blessing. Proper Leadership reflects Profitability. In this book, you will discover the formula E2+E3-M1 to help you and your team be connecting and flowing in any project. You will discover that L.O.V.E. is the missing mindset when it comes to leading people.

4 Keys in Building a Foundation to a Successful Life: Transforming 4 D's

This book helps build your foundation to a successful life. You will discovery the 4 keys to making this happen. Go on a journey where i tell you how to turn your failures into triumph, missteps into building blocks, and life's unexpected into momentum. My promise is you will find one or all effective to living the life you was intended to live. Are you up for the challenge? Your greatest life is in the Foundation!!





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